Development Within the City of Taylor

Many projects have been taking root within the City of Taylor and our Economic Development team would like to share the exciting inside information of these developments. Our mission is to improve the city as a whole by inviting in new specialty owners while bolstering existing  businesses. This is a plan which leads to more jobs, an improved fiscal economy, and a path into greater opportunity. 


will soon inhabit the old Gibralter Trade Center location also on Eureka road. This project will cover over 300,000 square feet of store space. On top of all that, new stores and cafes will be included in the development area. 


a multi-million dollar company, will have their next dealership here in Taylor. The previously known Taylor Ford site, East side of Telegraph road and North of Goddard, will soon be home to this new development.
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has taken off as one of Taylor's new developments on Eureka road. The new site will feature two retails stores, two restaurants, and of course your favorite place to buy comfortable, upscale furniture. 


is proudly announced as another development to be included within Taylor's Eureka corridor. It will be the second Walburger restaurant located in the State of Michigan.